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God Made Me is a 7-day children’s introduction to the body temple God made for them. In very simple language and images, each page will open to the young inquiring mind how the Creator fashioned together the different bones and organs of the body. “How many bones do I have? Where are my kidneys? How does my blood move around?” These are questions that fascinate children. More than this, the varied activities include such practical instruction as how to transplant seedlings, how to use Nature’s simple remedies for common ailments, or how to bake Wheat Gems.

God Made Me will lead eager, tender hearts and minds on a journey of discovery of just how much God loves each child. They will soon see that though all children have basic similarities, in the eyes of God they are even more unique than snowflakes and the stars in the heavens."

The God Made Me Activity booklet features more activities than you can use in seven days. You can easily repeat the program and use new crafts that you didn’t use the first time. It allows you to tailor your presentations to your time, your budget, your help, and energy. Whether it is grinding flour from seed and baking a loaf of bread, learning some simple natural remedies, or transplanting seedlings, everything is mapped out for you.

The God Made Me Teacher manual provides any parent or teacher enough material to stay a few footsteps ahead of their eager and varied students. These help outline each of the seven days giving the teacher an easy-to-follow program as well as a variety of extra material they can blend in as they choose. Supplement with songs, crafts, or other material from the Activities Booklet and students will be well on their way to learning. Witness the binding of heart and mind between the teacher and children and, most importantly, to the Creator’s great heart of genius and compassion. Anyone who can read can step in and lead.

God Made Me is SIMPLE. This program was first trialed in Africa and India among poor children who truly hunger and thirst for truth and knowledge. Your students will be just as enthusiastic, and ready for more.


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