About God Made Me

Children are an heritage from God

God framed all their parts while growing in their mother’s womb.

Whatever their frame may be, each one is fearfully and wonderfully made.

God numbered every part in His book long before they existed.

Their Creator is the same One who hung the worlds in space and decorated the heavens.

He speaks to every child:

"Thus saith the Lord that made thee, and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee; Fear not,…” Isaiah 44:2

God speaks to every child; “I made you. Fear not”

Jesus with little child.

We want to welcome you to GodMadeMe.com, a website dedicated to parents and teachers, those upon whom rests the responsibility to lead young minds and hearts to God, and equip them for a life of health and prosperity.

Are you Christian, fundamentalist, liberal? Are you Jewish, Moslem or Hindu or Buddhist? Are you a spiritualist, an agnostic, an atheist? For all the distinctions between peoples, there are many, many similarities. Not least is our physiology and anatomy. Our skin color may be different, along with our hair and eyes. How big, how lean, how fast or slow, how physical, how mental, how spiritual. No matter how unique we are, we all have some common ground. And the Creator has fashioned all of us, and knit us together with all the basic functions.

Fruits and Vegetables

How can brown dirt produce yellow bananas, red cherries, purple cabbage, green grass, giant sequoia trees, and delicate roses? Every seed has been imprinted with precise instructions how to come together into a living thing that fits into the great web of earth’s ecology. Just so God has coded the genes of every child so that being singularly different, they are all members of the same family.


Did you know that geneticists have traced all modern humanity back to a single woman somewhere in the Mideast? We all have a common ancestry. More than that, today theorists have concluded that the chances of us being the only intelligent beings in our universe may be as high as 96%. In other words, we are probably the ONLY ones.

GodMadeMe.com focuses on our similarities without ignoring our differences. GodMadeMe.com begins with our beginning as a race, then branches out into the rest of creation – plants, our starry heavens, animals, etc. How do our bodies utilize the food we eat? How do plants? How do other animals? How does the moon impact us? What do stars tell us? How can we help food plants to grow, how can we treat our bodies when they get sick, or how do simple remedies like charcoal help us to recover our health? These are just some of the areas GodMadeMe.com will cover as the site grows.

GodMadeMe.com is primarily a resource and inspiration for parents and teachers who are tasked with raising their children to be healthy and happy citizens. The different books are prepared to meet children in their formative years when their hearts and minds are more sensitive to hearing God’s mind and heart speaking to theirs. The resources we offer center around the creation account in the first chapters of the Bible.

While we are Christian, and because we believe the Bible to be God’s voice, we assume there are many, many who will receive this material who are not Christian in name, but are, in God’s eyes, “born again” having God’s spiritual law recorded in their hearts. [Ezekiel 36:26, Romans 2:13-15] These seekers after truth many not be in your church, they may be wandering alone on hills or islands, they may be captive in spiritual Babylon, but they recognize the Shepherd’s voice, and they will follow where He leads them. GodMadeMe.com is for all. All may find at this table food for body and mind and spirit.

Jesus talks with children.

We stand for divine creation and the sanctity of all human life, especially the defenseless and harmless children. Jesus says bring them to Him. He can sort out in their tender minds the difference between holy truth and unholy, cold formalism, between the rotten fruit and the wholesome, and He can draw them to Himself. GodMadeMe.com offers simple lessons that make spiritual parallels, or object lessons, between the visible things God has made and His timeless nature that we cannot see.

We are a small ministry, so our contributions will be sporadic, but we hope to post practical and inspiring topics that parents and teachers can apply or modify for their children.

We are eclectic. That means we will search for solid teaching material from various sources which will mean crossing some boundaries. The missionary Paul traveled between many communities. To some he was a Jew, to others a Gentile. While in Corinth, to reach his hearers, he sometimes quoted Greek poets. We may quote modern Geeks. Truth is truth, and like the sun, God has made His timeless truth to rise on believers and non-believers alike.

If you think we have wandered off course, pray to God that He give us a humble spirit, then tell us how you see it. My brother once had to remind me there was more than one way [my way] to build a staircase.

Welcome to GodMadeMe.com

"But Thou art He that took me out of the womb: Thou didst make me hope when I was upon my mother's breasts." Psalm 22:9

"Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being unperfect; and in Thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yet there was none of them." Psalm 139:16