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God's design of our living world is so profoundly amazing, but even more so is His crowning act of Creation which is the miracle of the human being. The God Made Me program is designed in a week-long format with a literary and hands-on curriculum. Students will engage in effective, yet simple learning strategies as they are introduced to the basic form and function of their body.

As a teacher or educator, you will love the user-friendly format and the ability to expand or adapt the program according to the needs of your individual group or region. Purchase one of our teaching packs or build one of your own.

Once you have completed the God Made Me core curriculum, consider one of our other programs such as God Made Stars or Caring for My Body (coming soon)! Once you become familiar with the layout of God Made Me, teaching the other programs in our series will be a breeze!

"Adapt, expand, simplify and play with the structure of the program - any way you mix it, the God Made Me program is fun, simple and educational!"


Children in Uganda sing "God Made Me" in their native language. It is a song that they wrote both the words and the lyrics for.
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